The American Sailing Association’s curriculum of internationally recognized certifications was created to provide recreational sailors with uniform standards of training. We offer a series of courses that will take a complete beginner through the steps necessary to become a competent sailor. Each course offered is a prerequisite for the next. Students benefit immensely from the program of study designed and routinely modified by a worldwide network of sailing schools, professional yachtsmen, and charter companies. There is a combination of classroom presentation, on-water training, written and practical testing associated at each level of certification. Theory is taught shore side, practiced underway, then reinforced with testing on the water and in the classroom. It is our objective to teach students how to sail with confidence, as we advance methodically from one course to the next.

Class times are from 9:30am-5:30pm daily (with some exception for wind, weather, & tides). There will be an hour lunch break around noon daily. Students are encouraged to pack a lunch or venture next door to the restaurant on site. Bottled water is provided throughout the day, and feel free to bring your own snacks or refreshments. Come prepared to be outside the majority of the time; Sun, wind and rain protection are key. Don’t forget your camera!

Courses Offered: (click to see full description & pricing)

Basic Keelboating (101) - 2 Days

sailing made easyThe Basic Keelboat Sailing Class is designed to get the new sailor off on the right track. You will learn basic sailing through a proven combination of classroom and on-the-water instruction. There will be 16 hours of instruction over two days. Areas of instruction include sailing theory and extensive practice, terminology, sail trim, points of sail, rudder control & commands, rigging for sail, docking and undocking, basic seamanship, knots, crew coordination, safety skills including rules of the road, federal equipment, lights, crew overboard prevention and recovery techniques.

Cost of Course:
$550 (plus tax) per person; includes course materials, operating expenses, and certification.

Basic Coastal Cruising (103) - 2 Days

coastalcruisingOur cruising class opens up a new sailing opportunity. You will be able to cruise safely in coastal waters as both skipper and crew on an auxiliary powered sailboat of 30- 35 feet in length. Classes include 16 hours of classroom and on-the-water instruction over two days. Areas of instruction include advanced sail trim; intermediate boat handling at buoys, docks and slips; anchors and anchoring; small craft warnings and heavy weather sailing; reefing; fog conditions; crew coordination; gasoline outboard and diesel inboard engine operation; fuels & refueling procedures; boat systems; operation of tiller and wheel; compass and chart reading; VHF operation; emergency procedures, flare usage and hypothermia treatment.

Cost of Course:
$700 (plus tax) per person on a monohull or $900 per person on a catamaran; includes course materials, operating expenses, and certification.
*Stay aboard! $100/night single occupancy or $150/night double occupancy

Bareboat Chartering (104) - 3 Days

bareboat-cruisingThe Bareboat Chartering Class is designed to give the Coastal Cruiser the information and skills to sail a 30 to 50 foot auxiliary sailboat on a Bareboat Charter. The liveaboard course includes limited classroom presentation, with the majority of time spent aboard and underway during instruction over three days. Two nights aboard anchor are included with food provisions. Areas of instruction include: large boat handling and seamanship; voyage planning; packing and provisioning; meal preparation and sleeping aboard; coastal navigation & landfall at sea with bearings, fixes and time/speed/distance calculations; mooring, docking, and anchoring techniques are practiced. Ship’s systems including: plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and diesel engine maintenance & troubleshooting techniques are introduced. Entry into foreign ports and customs procedures, as well as international nautical etiquette are addressed.

Cost of Course:
$1275 (plus tax) per person on a monohull or $1,500 per person on a catamaran; Includes course materials, operating expenses, ASA certification, food provisions, and 2 overnights aboard.

Coastal Navigation (105) - 1 or 4 Day

Coastal NavigationStudents will be able to demonstrate the navigational theory required to safely navigate a sailing vessel in coastal or inland waters. 1 full day of classroom presentation and testing can be combined with 2 days of on water practical training. The practical is optional with this course, but highly recommended. This course takes all variables in navigation into account. Multiple ways of establishing a fix, estimated position, and plotting a course, while taking into account set/drift/leeway are all covered. Chart reading/updating, useful publications to the navigator, and tide & current predictions are taught. Compass deviation, magnetic variation, GPS, and other electronic aids are used to create cohesion between paper and electronic navigation.

Cost of Course:
1 Day – Classroom only – $450 (plus tax) per person; includes course materials, and ASA certification.
4 Day – Class and Cruise – $1,800 (plus tax) per person on a monohull or $2,000 per person on a catamaran; includes course materials, ASA certification, operating expenses, 3 nights aboard, and food provisions.

Advanced Coastal Cruising (106) - 5 Days

the-annapolis-book-of-seamanship-4Take you skills to a new level. This course is physically and mentally demanding as you will be introduced to sailing, man overboard recovery, and making landfall after dark. Advanced sail trim and theory, engine maintenance, offshore storm preparation, and anchoring in severe weather are all addressed Upon completion of this course you will be able to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel about 30 to 50 feet in length in all conditions. This is a day and nighttime standard in coastal and inland water, in any weather.

Cost of Course:
$2,375 (plus tax) per person on a monohull or $2,500 per person on a catamaran; includes course materials, instruction, certification, 4 nights onboard, and food provisions.

Cruising Catamaran (114) - 2 Days

Multihull TextbookThis is an advanced cruising standard for individuals with cruising experience and must have completed ASA training through the 104 level. After completion students will have the confidence necessary to act as skipper and crew of a 30-50 foot multihull sailboat by day in coastal waters. Areas of instruction include: catamaran specific vocabulary, performance based on weight distribution, use of daggerboards, and sail trim/combinations. Offshore storm preparation, anchoring, and docking techniques specific to multihulls are demonstrated and practiced. The standard includes those skills unique to a 30-50 foot multihull.
Cost of Course:
$900 (plus tax) per person. Includes course materials, operating expenses, and ASA certification
*Stay aboard! $100/night single occupancy or $150/night double occupancy